Content Strategy That Works


On the web any fool can create content, and most fools do. While fairly trivial for a teenager with a Tumblr or a college student with a sports blog, bad content kills small businesses. It leaves poor impressions with potential customers and allows competitors to gain an advantage. So why do so many small businesses choose to publish poor quality content?

Quality content costs money. In an effort to protect the bottom line, too many small businesses apply a do-it-yourself mindset to their marketing efforts. The typical result: an inexperienced employee producing sub-par content that at best attracts no potential customers. At worst it can turn away otherwise ripe prospects. Instead of spending money on quality content from an experienced writer, these businesses run in place or move backwards.

Which seems more cost-efficient?

Content has become an absolutely necessary facet of any online marketing campaign. Truth is, it always has been. The difference is that today, low quality content gets lost in the crowd. In the halcyon days of search and social, marketers could game the system to promote almost anything. But with Google applying increasing scrutiny to its search results, only useful, authoritative content ranks highly. On social media, namely Facebook and Twitter, users set up filters to keep away low quality, useless content.

The only way to gain attention is to create content that connects to readers. That means not one article, but a firehose that attracts potential customers, interests them further, stokes their desire, and eventually turns them to action. In direct mail, marketers try to accomplish all four of those tasks in a single piece of content. But online campaigns require many pieces of content that cover these marketing principles.

Implementing a well-planned content strategy can take your business’s online marketing to another level. An experienced content marketer can help you plan, strategize, and create content that will bring you a steady stream of potential customers.